O&B’s Bannock

Last night Jonathan, my sister Laura, her fiance Chris and I went to Bannock in Toronto.  The restaurant is owned by Oliver & Bonacini and located in the flagship Bay department store on Queen Street West. While the food was good, I think the desserts were better than my entree.  I ordered macaroni and cheese with wilted spinach and it was kind of milky, which was strange.

The sour cream donuts with a caramel sauce was truly phenomenal.  The donuts were warm, fluffy and rich.

Laura and Chris ordered the s’mores pie to share.  They said it was simply delicious.  Laura and I reminisced about our time at Sparrow Lake Camp making s’mores pie over the camp fire.

After dinner at Bannock, we came home and had a few friends over.  Beau was the star party guest – he showed off his tricks for all the guests.  Chris has taught Beau to walk on his hind legs for two meters (amazing)!  This morning Beau is looking a little tired.

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