Portland and Seattle Honeymoon

IMG_5632Jonathan and I have settled back into married life – after an absolutely wonderful honeymoon.  Portland and Seattle were fun cities to visit and tour around.  Jonathan and I are both foodies so – some of our tourism was food tourism.  We stayed in amazing hotels with allergy friendly floors, which helped me sleep well.  With many farmers markets, art galleries, coffee shops, fine dining and beautiful weather – there was so much to explore.

One of our first dinners out was Grüner – Alpine inspired – and delicious.  I ordered duck schnitzel and it came with a delicious sauce.IMG_5608IMG_5595IMG_5604

Next, on our food adventure was donuts!  The donuts were the most delicious and creative flavours I have ever tasted.  At Blue Star Donuts we tried a rhubarb and berry glazed donut, sour cream glazed, and blueberry bourbon basil.  These donuts were top notch, way better than Tim Hortons – with a light flakey brioche donut and freshly made icings!

IMG_5577IMG_5659For the book lover in us both was Powell’s Books in Portland.  It is one of the largest book stores I have seen in a long time.  There was even a map to help you navigate the sections.  I bought the new Barbara Kingsolver novel “Flight Behavior” which I am enjoying tremendously so far.IMG_5586

Next Seattle!  An amazing city that felt a great deal like Toronto, but with amazing salmon.  I adored the Pike Place Market.  The market is lined with fresh bouquets of flowers, organic wine booths, fresh veggies, fresh fish, small restaurants, and tons of tourists.  We enjoyed walking around and absorbing the atmosphere.  Pike Place Market also happens to be the place where Starbucks opened its original location!  I love fair trade organic coffee, but every once in a while I have a craving for a Starbucks vanilla latte.IMG_5727IMG_5738IMG_5734IMG_5746IMG_5736IMG_5741

Poppy had a unique menu that is inspired by Indian ‘thali’.  Thali provides a small taste of many small dishes.  We both ordered the salmon, which came with sugar snap peas, naan, black eyed peas and carrot and ginger soup.  This restaurant was definitely a highlight, the salmon was fresh, the lemon drop martini was delicious and it set a great tone for our exploration of Seattle.  I definitely think this concept needs to be done in Ontario!IMG_5704IMG_5709IMG_5705

At Victorola Cafe we did a coffee tour.  We smelled a variety of coffee grounds, felt the beans, observed and smelled as hot water was added, then finally tasted the intricate tastes of the coffee.IMG_5715IMG_5716IMG_5719

Sushi – yum!  I think dinner at Shiro’s Sushi was Jonathan’s favourite restaurant in Seattle.  He had heard about Shiro’s because Shiro trained with a famous sushi master in Japan.  In fact there is a documentary about the sushi master he trained with: Jiro Dreams of Sushi.  The sushi was artfully made and presented beautifully.  The fish was so fresh and was a sushi lover’s dream come true.


Space NeedleIMG_5762IMG_5814

Seattle Public Library

The Seattle Public Library is an amazingly beautiful modernist building.  Jonathan worked at the Peterborough Public library for many years, so he loves visiting libraries in other cities.  Being a bookworm myself – I was delighted to see such a gorgeous home for so many books.  IMG_5944IMG_5946

Dinner at Spinasse

This meal was my absolute favourite.  It is not a secret that I love pasta – and this place was amazing.  So much care was taken with the pasta and it was beautifully presented.  I had a perfectly paired glass of red wine and the atmosphere was perfect.  Jonathan loves me so much that he eats a great deal of pasta.  Jonathan found some amazing restaurants, we explored great cuisine, and had some very romantic meals.IMG_5942IMG_5940

Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum

A wonderful art experience.  I can’t imagine the patience, genuine creativity and time it would take to create these pieces of art.  I loved the mixture of fine glass and the well manicured gardens.

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  1. Sounds wonderful. Fun to hear about your time in Seattle (my home town). You really visited some wonderful places. Spinasse is one of my favorite restaurants! So nice you were able to enjoy some of the best….like Victrola! Happy Marriage!

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