The Day of Iced Tea

Last Thursday, Jonathan and I made three different kinds of iced tea! The first one I made used four bags of orange pekoe tea and four cups boiling water.  I allowed the tea to steep for five minutes, chilled it and added ice, frozen cranberries and fresh mint leaves.

This regular steeping method left it tasting a bit bitter, so Jonathan did a quick search of the internet and found the sun-brewed method.  This method was a great deal better.  There was no bitter taste at the end. We also sweetened this round with agave nectar instead of sugar.  We made a special trip to Longo’s to find it.  It gave a subtle sweet flavour without being overpowering.  As an added bonus the agave nectar was fair trade and organic.

The only other ingredient for this recipe is a nice sunny day!  It was great to sit outside and enjoy such a wonderful summer day with the family out on the patio.  I will definitely make this iced tea again.  It was far more satisfying than other name brand iced teas.  The agave nectar was a nice alternative to refined sugars.  I used organic lemon slices, which made the iced tea flavour over the top and delicious.


1.  Add 4 tea bags to 4 cups of cold water into a glass mason jar with a lid.  This can be green tea or black tea or both (like we did).

2.  Close the jars, and let sit in a sunny area outside for two hours.

3.  Add agave syrup to taste.

4.  Add ice and lemon slices.

5.  Enjoy!