Strawberry Fields Forever (Strawberry Picking!)

Yesterday, Jonathan and I went strawberry picking at Nauman’s Farm, approximately twenty minutes outside of Waterloo, Ontario.  We picked six litres of delicious, sweet, heavenly strawberries. Over half have since disappeared!  However, there was enough for breakfast this morning and tonight’s dessert.

Strawberry shortcake is one of my favourite types of cake, and will the subject of my next post.  It is best of course when strawberries are in season!  I prefer the short stacks version of strawberry shortcake – perfect little individual cakes loaded up with whipping cream and fresh juicy berries.

When I told Jonathan’s parents that I intended to take him strawberry picking, they warned me he would not go willingly. He agreed with their assessment, saying (light-heartedly) that he preferred to support farm workers instead of putting them out of a job.

Once we were there, however, he actually seemed to enjoy it! Though it was hot, there was a lovely breeze, and with only four of us in the entire field, there was a lot of room to find the best berries.

While six litres is a lot of berries, we didn’t pick enough to make jam. That will be next time, when raspberries come into season.  This was just a warm up, Jonathan!  Homemade raspberry jam is my absolute favourite.  I will need help from my Mom for that foodie endeavor.

Now, I have had a request from one of my sister’s dear friends, Hailey, to make fun food art.  Here is my first attempt.  I used fresh blueberries, strawberries and organic bananas to create this beautiful presentation on top of oatmeal.  Jonathan thinks that the blueberry smiley face was kind of creepy, so maybe I need a bit more practice.  Nonetheless, we enjoyed this fun, filling and delicious breakfast!