Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower Cake Baking is fun in itself, but the truly creative part is with the decorating!  I am on Pinterest all the time, looking at new cake decorating ideas.  I was delighted with the beautiful cake that my family dreamt up and had made for the shower.  The cake was beautifully decorated with fresh pansies.  This trend of decorating with fresh flowers isn’t new, but I wanted to share the picture of the amazing cake.  I love the contrast between the deep purple flowers and the creamy icing.  The cake was made by Maunder’s food shop in Aurora, which is one of our favourite places.  I believe my Grandma was in there quite a few times verifying all of the food and buying more food.

Another highlight was getting my future Mother-in-law’s recipe for pork bafath.  It is a recipe from South India – and Jonathan’s favourite!  I don’t know if I could marry Jonathan without having the recipe for his favourite dinner.  I have yet to try it on my own, but I have lots of time to perfect my cooking skill.  Recently, though I perfected his Mom’s chili chicken recipe.  I will have to share this recipe another day though, because it is a delicious dish, worthy of its own blog post.Future Mother-in-law, me, Gran, and Mom

Bridal showers are fun because they are a day with the ladies.  My closest friends from high school Lauren and Krista came.  My closest friends from Trent University attended: Emily and Laura.  Along with wonderful neighbours and my Mom’s high school friends.  It was great to catch up with everyone before the wedding.  I am extremely lucky to have such a wonderful group of friends and family!