Weekend Food Adventures in Kitchener-Waterloo Part 2

East African Café – 50 Ontario Street South, Kitchener, ON

Lunch at East African Café

Now, I was skeptical at first about trying Ethopian food, because of the different textures, however I was pleasantly surprised.  The food was served on a large round dish with flat bread called injera underneath and a sampling of vegetarian deliciousness.  My two favourites were the misir (spit red lentils cooked in peppered sauce and blended with onion and garlic) and the cowlow cabbage (lightly spiced vegetable stew of cabbage, carrot, potato and garlic).   The cowlow cabbage reminded me of Indian bhaji, but that was just the colour and how it was eaten with a flatbread.  I believe my experience eating some Indian food prepared me for the textures and flavours.  The misir was a little spicy, but delicious.  Presentation was fun, similar to hotpot – it is fun to have a fiancé to share food with, especially foodie experiences that I would not have tried otherwise.   Two years ago I hadn’t even developed my appreciation for sushi!  The food was also completely nut free, which is a bonus for me, always good to finish my meal alive.

City Café Bakery – 50 South Ottawa St., Kitchener, ON – Croissants

Yummy croissant

Croissants make my world go round!  These croissants were flakey, buttery and not too crumbly.   Croissants are delicious with a cup of fair trade organic coffee.  Some day I hope to make my own croissants, but for today I’m not that ambitious.   Although Sobey’s, Metro, and Longo’s make fairly standard croissants, City Café Bakery blows regular grocery store croissants out of the water.  Croissants are way better than tea biscuits.  When I was on vacation with my family, the hotel in California served plain tea biscuits and nutty muffins (I’m allergic to nuts).  After the first morning the plain tea biscuit and fresh oranges had lost their novelty.  The weather in California in March was heavenly, however, it would have been a million times better with croissants.  Everyday is better with buttery delicious croissants.  I joke sometimes that I am on an all carb diet, which isn’t true, but I wish I could be on an all croissant diet.