Wedding Fever

There are two weddings in two years in my family with Laura and I getting married a year apart.  Laura’s wedding is all planned and is going to be spectacular. The flowers, the dress, the first dance and of course my Maid of Honour speech – it is a very exciting time.  My Dad is very excited about the weddings.  We are all wondering if there will be a little tear in his eye during the father-daughter dance.

There are so many cute ideas on the web, so I thought I would share some of my favourite pictures and wedding ideas so far.  My wedding is a year away, but I can’t help collecting pictures and ideas.  These photos of course include lots of pictures from Martha Stewart and from Pinterest.  Let me know what you like and if you have any suggestions.

Here are my wedding bouquet favourites so far:

My favourite wedding cake inspirations so far:

Recently I saw the movie The Five Year Engagement in theatres.  It was hilarious, there were lots of moments where I thought, this has happened to us.  The one part I found particularly funny was the part where Jason Segel’s character says to Emily Blunt’s character, “I’d like to be alone.  Wait where are you going?  I want to be alone with ‘you’.”  Since Laura and I both getting married a year apart, we have been loving the wedding romantic comedies, The Five Year Engagement, Bridesmaids, and of course Bridewars.  There are also some classics out there like The Wedding Planner.  So in this blog post I would like to know what is your favourite wedding movie?

Laura’s fiancé is in the film industry and he is also doing movie reviews on Youtube, so check it out!