Banana Surprise!

Today I was a little tired of baked goods so, Mom, my sister Sarah and I, headed to Longo’s for some fresh produce and some ideas.  Seeing all of the yummy fresh produce was a relief, after all of the flour, sugar and butter, in all of the baked goods from earlier this week.

Seeing the bananas, grapes and blueberries, reminded me of my Grandma Chapie’s favourite dessert – Banana Surprise!  The surprise was to see who got the one piece of banana.  Sometimes the surprise was that it was all bananas in the Jell-o.  So, here is how it is done – make Jell-o and add fruit juice instead of the cold water, place in the refrigerator and then once the Jell-o is partially set, but still liquid add random fruit so it floats around and does not float to the top.  Add one small sliced piece of banana.  Once the Jell-o has set, serve up the Banana Surprise! See who has the banana piece.  I would recommend blueberries, grapes, banana and strawberry for fruits.

Yes, people still eat Jell-o!  It’s a simple recipe and not much work at all.  Make sure you stir the sugar crystals thoroughly otherwise there will be a thicker gelatin layer at the bottom.

I realize this recipe wouldn’t normally be categorized as ‘foodie.’ However, it is a happy memory of my Grandma Chapie.  She was always proud to serve this to us.  As children Jell-o was endlessly entertaining and fun to make.  With four little girls in our family, we each got a turn to stir the Jell-o, and of course there was the anticipation of when the Jell-o would be ready to eat.