Congratulations Laura and Chris!

I am so proud of my sister!  All of the details and planning that went into her wedding paid off.  Everything seemed like it was right out of a movie – from their vows that made me well up with emotion to their last dance of the evening.  Laura and Chris are a beautiful couple and I wish them every happiness in the world.

As for me, I had an amazing time being the Maid of Honour!  Jonathan was the Masters of Ceremonies for the evening and did a wonderful job keeping everyone on track and announcing all of the speeches.  Later in the evening Jonathan and I danced the night away.  The next morning my feet were still hurting from all of the dancing!

Laura and Chris picked beautiful songs for their first dance, Father-Daughter dance, Mother and Son dance and their last dance of the evening.  From the beginning to the end, the day could not have been any better.

For the morning of the wedding I baked two different kinds of scones.  I made blueberry and raspberry white chocolate chip.  They were a perfect start to a busy day.  We brought them with us to the hair salon so people could snack while all of our hair was being styled for the day.

All of the guests took home the scrumptious fudge wedding cakes that my Mom, family and friends had all helped to put together.  The bridal party looked stunning!  I can’t wait to see when the wedding photos come back (taken by the wonderful PhotoTerra).  The professional cameras make that wonderful shutter clicking sound.  I want one now, just for that amazing sound (well, and the high quality photographs).

The whole family was just glowing with happiness for Laura and Chris.  We are so happy to welcome Chris into the family!

Congratulations Laura and Chris!


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