Restaurant L’Orginal in Montreal

This weekend Jonathan and I decided to visit Montreal, Quebec.  We enjoyed many delicious meals and Montreal specialties – including the famous Montreal bagels and smoked meat sandwiches!

Montreal is also home to many beautiful historic Catholic churches, including Notre Dame Basilica that we took a picture outside of and St. Patrick’s Basilica where Jonathan and I went for Sunday Mass in English.  Montreal is a very bilingual city and it has been a wonderful visit.

For a fancy dinner we went to Restaurant L’Orginal (L’Orginal is French for moose) last night.  I had the best risotto I have ever eaten.  The mushrooms, bacon, spring peas and truffle oil combined to create a masterpiece.  I wish I could eat it every day!

Here are some of the pictures.  More details will follow.

Au revoir, Montreal – we will miss you and your wonderful cuisine!


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  1. Me and my husband live in NJ and in one weekend we woke up and decided that we want to go and visit Montreal, we drove for 7 hours, arrived in Montreal, and were totally unimpressed, I am so sad to say this, because we were so excited to see the city, maybe because it was a long weekend and it was Friday night but there were a lot of drunk people everywere, I didn’t feekl safe at all since there was no police on the streets! we had dinner and after 2 hours returned to US, and spent the rest of 2 days upstate New York at Lake Placei, it was so beautiful that we decided to go back there every year!! The nature, the lake is amazing, we loved every second of our stay!

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