Kitchen Gadget Foodie Dreams!

Jonathan and I share an enthusiasm for cooking and our future kitchen will be amazing.  I hope it will be as amazing as my Mom’s kitchen.  My Mom is definitely the kitchen gadget Queen.  I suppose that would make me a kitchen gadget Princess?

Today’s post is about the wonderful kitchen gadgets I already have in my collection.  Including some that I have use of through my Mom and Jonathan.  There will also be some I do not have.  My Mom had a pair of pajamas a long time ago that said, “When you dream, dream big.”  I am going to apply this phrase to my kitchen gadget dreams.  It is also my goal to share my picks for kitchen gadgets with other bloggers and other amateur chefs.

The Globe and Mail recently did an article on kitchen essentials.  As the title suggests, they recommend 16 items that every kitchen needs.  The following are my suggestions, but every kitchen is unique and everyone has personal preferences.  If you have any kitchen gadget favourites please share them with me in the comment section.  Is there one kitchen gadget that you could not live without?

When buying through my Amazon store you will be supporting me and my foodie adventures! (Or, if you’re feeling particularly generous, you can buy me an item from my Amazon wishlist!)

Leslie the Foodie tested!

This is a foodie tool that I bought for Jonathan for his birthday last year.  It is great for making burgers, grilled chicken and panini!

This grater has many different sizes for different grating needs.  Jonathan has this grater, and it is used in many of my cooking endeavors that take place at his apartment.

Bodum French Presses are wonderful.  If you have a few extra minutes in your morning or afternoon to boil water and wait four minutes for the coffee to steep, you are in for a treat.  This is one of my favourite coffee makers, it allows more of the flavour from the coffee beans to shine through.  However, if you are making coffee for a large group of people, I would still recommend an automatic drip coffee maker.

Kitchen Essentials

These are the basis of any cooking or baking project, so you can be accurate in following recipes and developing your own recipes.

This spatula by Wilton is perfect for icing cakes or cupcakes.

How do you bake without one of these?  This is an essential.

A whisk, garlic press and tongs are needed for cooking projects.  Whisks are necessary for nicely beaten eggs and while you are making your omelet why not add some finely crushed garlic?  Whether you are flipping chicken breast or mushrooms on a skillet, a reliable set of tongs are a must.

If you make as many cupcakes as I do, you will know a good cupcake pan is necessary.  I often like to make my cupcakes without the foils or papers, so the nonstick pan is the way to go.  Cupcakes and muffins will bake evenly and taste great coming from your favourite muffin pan.

Foodie Dreams:

It would be a dream come true to have one of these in my kitchen one day.  My Mom has a black KitchenAid mixer and loves it dearly.  Whenever I am making a complex recipe I use hers.  The trusty wooden spoon is good for mixing, but it can’t whip cream as efficiently as this machine.

This is also a dream.  Buy this for me and I promise I will make ravioli every week!  Okay maybe not every week, but I do love ravioli.  Especially butternut squash ravioli!

I use my Mom’s food processor which is Cuisinart brand, it’s not this exact one.  Food processors are great for making pureeing fruits or blending spinach for spinach and feta philo pastry appetizers.

Emile Henry makes a wonderful pie plate that comes in many colours.  My Mom loves the way they evening bake the crust.  The pie pan is also deep, perfect for Mom’s famous apple pie!

Double walled glasses are delightful.  They make me happy and don’t burn my hand when I’m drinking a hot beverage in them.  I really like the aesthetic look of them, and hope to have some in my future home.  Jonathan has two of the little ones, and they are great for any kind of juice or beverage.


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