Culinary Adventures

The Flying Chestnut Kitchen in Eugenia, Ontario
It seems like forever since Jonathan and I were driving up to Eugenia to try out The Flying Chesnut Kitchen, a restaurant run by fellow Trent University alum Shawn Adler.  The atmosphere was fun and vibrant.  The meal we had there was the absolute definition of gourmet.  Once more warm weather hits, I think Jonathan and I will be making another reservation.

I was flipping through my photos and came across these pictures.  The pictures were too good not to post on my blog.  The restaurant focuses on locally grown, seasonal foods. The style is homemade, but yet gourmet.

The third picture there is a homemade soda that was absolutely delicious.  I really loved the way the picture turned out.  However, maybe if you put anything in a mason jar glass it seems prettier.  Or that is what Pinterest would have us believe.  The drinks and dinning atmosphere definetly merit another visit this spring.

To read Jonathan’s article for Trent Alumni magazine about the Flying Chestnut Kitchen, click here and go to page 12.

Czehoski Restaurant in Toronto
This restaurant is where I first realized how much I love Jonathan.  At the time we were just friends, going out for drinks and dinners in Toronto after work.  However, one night we were there for drinks and I was listening in on a first date that was going on at the table next to us.  After listening for several minutes I realized how Jonathan and I were a far superior couple.  We were best friends, with similar interests in politics, history and culinary adventure.  From that moment on, I knew Jonathan and I were something special.  The rest is history.

Below the picture is of a homemade toasted marshmallow from Czehoski. They made it especially for me – it wasn’t on the menu –  and it was delicious!

Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario
This is the wonderful panna cotta that the head chef at Trent University prepared for Jonathan and I.  Jonathan selected my favourite ingredients for a special dinner at Trent University Alumni House to celebrate our engagement.  It was such a wonderful and exciting time and this dessert was phenomenal.

Keriwa Cafe in Toronto
Last September, we made reservations at Keriwa Cafe in Toronto.  The food was delightful.  Since the chef knew about my allergies in advance, he prepared a special pumpkin pie dessert for both of us.  Jonathan has declared that this is one of his favourite restaurants in Toronto.  He definitely wants to go back for his birthday this year.  However, I’m sure we will be going sooner.

Fun Cafe Art
Cafes usually have a funky vibe and some local artist’s work on the walls.  This piece of art was on the walls at The Big Guy’s Coffee Shop, one of the many cafes that Jonathan and I have visited in Toronto.  It’s really one of my favourite pictures.  I think in our future home we could recreate something similar.  Perhaps in our kitchen?

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  1. I agree! For dome reason food always looks better in the jar! How ever I shan’t test that by trying to roast my food in one (definitely no!) I loooove the look of those gorgeous fluffy marshmallows and that charred crust where they roasted them. Equally beautiful was your panna cotta! Makes a really nice tale of those ‘special dates’ and meals which brought you to where you are in your relationship! 🙂

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