Maunder’s Food Shop

Maunder’s is one of the best places for a foodie in Aurora.  They recently moved to a new location on Wellington just west of  Yonge Street.  In this new location there is more space, more new products, the same old favourites and same great quality meats.  There is also a new café with baked treats, coffee, tea and espresso.  Jonathan, I’m sure, will be excited to try it out – finally, an alternative to Starbucks!

On this Saturday afternoon in Aurora, it was bustling with people, buying things for dinners, entertaining and much more.  They were also taking orders for Easter as people start to plan out their menus for next weekend.  I’m so happy to see Maunder’s expanding into a new location that will continue to provide top quality gourmet foods.  I will still have a place to buy wonderful steaks for Jonathan on his birthday and other cooking projects that demand fresh, high quality ingredients.

Today we ordered a stuffed chicken with feta and spinach from the butcher, which is one of our family’s favourites.  In addition we tried out a new antipasto and it was delicious on toasted naan.  The antipasto has a little bit of heat to it, but just the right amount.  A welcome change from the mild antipasto our family usually purchases, Wicked Gourmet’s Vegetarian Antipasto is sure become a favourite in our household.


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