Glow Fresh Grill and Wine Bar – Shops at Don Mills, Toronto

Last week Jonathan, Sarah and I were in Toronto and we tried  Glow Fresh Grill and Wine Bar. Glow is owned by Pickle Barrel and features Rose Reisman’s recipes.  Restaurants can give you ideas or make you feel like your cooking is really awesome.

First up, the kitchen brought out crostini with three sampler-sized dips.  There was an artichoke and Asiago dip, a hummus dip, and finally a beet and mascarpone dip.  The best by far was the artichoke and Asiago dip.  In later posts on my blog I will share some of my own recipes for appetizers and dips.

We ordered sliders to share.  These were extremely well done with lots of flavour and there were three different sliders.  The three types of sliders were: turkey topped with dried fruit chutney, beef with caramelized onions and aged cheddar, and lamb over mint infused hummus and feta.  Jonathan, Sarah and I, each tried a different one.  There were no buns with them, because Rose Reisman’s recipes are about healthy eating.

After that it was a long wait until our main lunch dishes came out.  I ordered the fish tacos, Jonathan ordered the Mediterranean burger and Sarah ordered the white chicken chili. 

These main dishes weren’t anything too special.  The burger without the bun didn’t really meet Jonathan’s expectations for flavour.  The fish in the fish tacos could have had a crispier breading.  The guacamole was average, I feel like I could have made it better myself.  Sarah’s ordered the white chicken chili and it wasn’t photograph worthy, it was kind of plain looking.  The décor at the restaurant was fun and the patio was open because of the lovely weather.  It was fun to try a new restaurant, but the food wasn’t inspiring.  The best part for me was probably the coffee I ordered, it was from Balzac’s and was quite tasty!  My Mom has many of Rose Reisman’s cookbooks, so maybe I will have to experiment at home with some of her recipes. 

After lunch, we shopped around a bit.  The concept of Shops at Don Mills is interesting, very walkable, but it still doesn’t compare to the outdoor mall Fashion Island, that Sarah and I visited last year in Newport Beach, California.  I would really love to go back to California, but if I can’t go back now, at least we are getting some nice California weather in Toronto this week (its been around 20-25 C this week).  It was a fun day though, I love trying new places and exploring in Toronto.

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